[kam-uh-sey-doh, -sah-]
noun, plural camisados. Archaic.
1. a military attack made at night.

Camisado Marketing is a revolutionary digital marketing firm

Camisado offers à la carte marketing packages to growing companies. Born from the largest agencies in the world, Camisado Marketing was created to provide the services and attention to the SMB sector without the million dollar retainer agreements that only Fortune 500 companies can afford.

We believe that the right way to operate is to put our clients’ needs first and that success for all comes from focusing on results. No long-term commitments, no billable hours. We treat our clients like our success depends on theirs—because it does.

Work smarter, not harder.

Make money while you sleep. These are concepts that many business owners strive for, but achieving it can be difficult. That’s where Camisado Marketing comes in. We never stop competing for you. By creating a powerful digital presence, business owners are able to gain recognition, drive visitors to their website convert them into customers. Almost 100% of buying decisions start online in today’s fast-paced world. It’s important to engage your customers before the competition. That’s what we do. Represent your interests online day and night. Our clients never get caught sleeping.


David Merrill, Founder


A New Yorker living in San Diego, David is better at working for his clients than he is at surfing (still learning). David has an MBA from Fordham University and is an experienced marketing leader with a combined 14 years in the development and implementation of marketing strategy and solutions. David started his career working for Publicis servicing Fortune 500 companies, but quickly realized that his true passion was bringing big agency tactics to small-to-midsize businesses specializing in all things digital as well as maximizing marketing budgets and innovating for his clients.